Today is the first Saturday after I purchased Terrabot Neo BL-11A robotic vacuum cleaner and I am excited to find out how well this little slave will serve me. Cool

After I brushed my teeth,  I launched it in my master bedroom using the M mode (having discovered that S-mode only spiral navigation for 4 min, M-mode is for room less than 200 sqft for 30 min and L-mode is for large space until the battery runs out in about 60 min).

I removed all the soft mats on the floor and the small dressing table’s stool from the room. The vacuum started to clean the room along the edge of the wall. And when it makes 2 rounds along the wall, I started to worry whether it is all it does, just cleaning along the wall. Undecided

Luckily it started to do spiral navigation which cleans the middle of some areas (my room shape is U). Sometimes it would navigate in zig-zag way, bouncing off to the other direction when it hits the wall/obstacles and sometimes random navigation.

I was eyeing at some bits of tissues and when it didn’t pick up after passing it a few times, I almost  marked it as not very thorough but the vacuum kept coming back on the areas many times and eventually picked them up. Laughing

As the room is not big and it is programs for 30 minutes, I can be assured that it covers nearly all part of the floor. However, for it to really clean every reachable part of the room as how I cleaned it, I have to manually removed my hat’s rack stand as well as the little 3-legged-side table from Ikea. Else it wouldn’t be able to clean that corner of the floor and under the small table.

The first 15 minutes of watching the little thing was almost fun, seeing how it progress and its strategy but soon enough, I felt bored and hungry. Thus, I left it behind in the room to go and make my breakfast while it cleans for the next 15 minutes before it stopped on its own. Undecided

The amount of dust and hair in the dust-bin compartment was quite impressive, this little fella could clean! Guns

Much as I feel satisfied with its ability to pick up dust and hairs off the floor (even though it means the little fella might be going over the same area many times), I haven’t trusted it completely to clean on its own when I am not around. I need to see much more of its accomplishment before started doing it.

I did the same when I started to clean other parts of the house; removing small stools which will block its way, wires that it will try to suck up as well, dustbins, pails and the soft floor mats.

When it was out of battery, I watched carefully if the little fella could find the way back as claimed. It dodged around the walls, bouncing off the directions but eventually the little fella found his way back to the docking station to charge@ I felt almost proud of its little accomplishment there. Kiss

Well, this Terrabot Neo BL-11A actually does its work as claimed, pretty well. Its noise level is pretty normal like traditional vacuum cleaner and it bangs around a little but I am not too concern about it.

I just hope it will last long, durable and doesn’t hike up my electricity bill too much; if it does, I will be sure to put up another blog review on that. Cheers! Wink

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Right after we bought the Terrabot Neo BL-11A robot vacuum cleaner at MidValley Aeon Big for RM799, I couldn’t wait to start using it. Although it is nearly 10pm at night, I launched the robot vacuum using ‘L’ mode; although I haven’t read what the modes is about.

Terrabot Neo BL-11A                                                                                       

I put it in the dining room and it crawled to my small kitchen; cleaning along the edge and then out to the main entrance. “Hey, what about the middle of the kitchen?” I shouted at that little robot vacuum who totally ignored his master.

I didn’t like his attitude and grabbed him back to the kitchen; making sure that he covers the middle area and the edges many times again by blocking his way to escape the room.

The vacuum didn’t work well with the soft floor mat/cloth as it would crumpled it and got on top of it and got stuck. So lesson learnt to remove all soft floor mats before starting to vacuum. It does get itself unstuck on “hard” stuff, for example the base of a stand fan. It can vacuum well on a carpet which plants firmly on floor (those with rubber base) or not easily moved.

After I let it off the kitchen, it went to the living room and vacuum for a while before the battery died. And well, the adaptor wasn’t working and thus I was not able to charge it till we replaced it. Thus end of the first day trial of Terrabot Neo BL-11A.

The Decision To Buy A Robot Cleaner

I’ve thought about getting a robot vacuum for quite some times, a year perhaps. But the thoughts came and went, sometimes unconvinced that a robot vacuum is intelligent enough to do its’ job well.

But I finally made that decision to get one before the Chinese New Year. I have pretty good reason for buying or so I told myself. With sensitive nose to dust, it makes me sneezy and I hate that I will take an hour to vacuum as I would vacuum the wall, the wardrobe and everything on sight which makes me takes longer than usual. And I have to shower each time after vacuum. Good enough reason to invest.

Which Robot Vacuum To Buy – Variety of Robot Vacuums in Malaysia – What to Look For?

So, begin the research to buy a suitable robot vacuum which will work efficiently, durable and cost effective. My budget is under RM1000 (about USD 310).

It isn’t easy to find the information I needed with the variety robot vacuums in Malaysia. Nobody gives much review on the brands. I gathered a few brands to look at : iRobot, Neato, Terrabot & iRova. There is also other brands but these brands are found Lazada and I’ve came across a few times. Other brands were not researched at all, either due to pricing or popularity: Asus AGAiT, Samsung, LG, Ecovacs Deebot, VBOT, Cleanmate, Corvan, Navibot, Roomba,  Okusanno, etc.

With different brands, the specification is not standard thus making comparison a little difficult. The only things that I could easily compare is the dust bin capacity, the charging time, the working time, the battery and number of side brushes (somehow I feel that it seems more efficient with 2 side brush than one) and the noise level (check out the noise level of Terrabot, Neato and Cleanmate : ).

Not to mention the features, whether it can prevents itself from failing off the stairs, floor disinfection with UV light, mop, self-charging (very common), scheduler, the cleaning mode (spiral, along the wall, Zig-zag, random, etc) and the floor type (carpet, hardwood, Pergo, linoleum, vinyl, and tile). Warranty period and budget place a very important rank as well and whether there is replacement part when some part dies.

One thing that I couldn't really compare is suction power (hardly mentioned) and how efficient the coverage on the floor and durability & reliability of the robot vacuum cleaners.


iRova Brand

I saw iRova brand which is widely sold on Groupon & MyDeal but I couldn’t find out where is it made of and how is the performance of the robot; despite so many people has bought it (seen from the number of ‘sold’ in Groupon). The lowest range is from RM299 (iRova Robot Vacuum Cleaner K6 Blue) which is quite tempting at the price and seems to have good rating in Lazada. But it mentions lower power suction by a user.

iRova K6 BlueiRova Robot Vacuum Cleaner K6 Blue                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

I thought of getting a higher end of iRova which is either the I-Rova Robotic Vacuum Cleaner KK8 (with 2 sides, yay!) at RM599* with HEPA filter and mop features but without UV light.

iRova KK8I-Rova Robotic Vacuum Cleaner KK8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Or the even higher end I-ROVA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner XR210 Silver at RM749 (Lazada price*) with UV light, mop but no mention of HEPA filter and only 1 side brush. Good review on Lazada website by the users. However, I was not fully convinced as I couldn’t find one single review by independent user on blog or forums.

iRova XR210I-ROVA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner XR210                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


On LowYat forum, I read that user mentioned that it is better to buy an international brand than those local or China brand and the brands mentioned was iRobot, Neato and Terrabot. iRobot is out of my league as it is more than RM2K, which I think is a ridiculous price to pay for a robot vacuum with my financial capacity. Of course everyone has different perspective when it comes to money, budget and expectation.

Next I was looking at Neato. It has quite good reviews in Amazon. The price is still over RM2K in Malaysia but if the price is about USD3xx and with the shipping I think it is still cheaper than buying in Malaysia. But the review in Amazon has a user said that he sent it for warranty for replacement for a couple of time and thus I think it really depends on luck; quite risky to ship from oversea.

I even had a friend’s friend who will ‘import’ and sell it locally; with the price cheaper than the retail price in Malaysia. However the warranty is only a month and the price is about RM1.65K for Neato XV-11 and RM1.8K for Neato XV-21. It is tempting, but the price is still out of my budget and the main risk is still warranty. She is using it herself and with few kids, she said it is really helpful. The reason she picks Neato over other brand is the navigation, no random movements. Fair enough.

NeatoNeato XV-21



Moving on to Terrabot brand. I still couldn’t figure out where is this robot from. From the website (, you could pick up the countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia & Indonesia.) However only the first 3 is clickable! [I found out much later from the seller, after I purchased, that it is technology from Japan but made in China.]

I finally found a user blog about Terrabot Neo BL-21A and the review for the robot seems good enough for me. This model is priced at RM1388 at AeonBig with mop feature and UV light disinfection and higher battery capacity & 0.4L dust bin capacity. Sounds good!

Terrabot Neo BL-21A

Another model Terrabot Neo BL-11A does not have the mop or UV light feature, smaller dustbin capacity (at only 0.25L) but has all the standard features of self-charging, fall-prevention, few navigation modes and a year warranty (but only 6 months warranty for the battery). In Lazada, there is 3 good users’ review, the last user was happy with it and mentioned of buying the 2nd unit. I am not sure how ‘real’ is the review but with the price of RM799 (AeonBig promotion right now, RM888 at Lazada), I decided to choose this over iRova higher end unit.

Terrabot Neo BL-11ATerrabot Neo BL-11A


The other factor of selecting this brand and model is that when I called their customer service , there is someone picking up the call and tried to answer all my questions. Also they have battery replacement at RM200. Reason battery replacement is important is my friend had a Okusanno robot vacuum which is now dead as he couldn’t find the battery replacement.  

And thus, I bought Robot Vacuum Terrabot Neo BL-11A at RM799 in Aeon Big Midvalley on 8th January 2014. There is a Terrabot promoter in AeonBig Midvalley, but he wasn’t there on the day I bought. But the adaptor wasn’t functioning and my husband brought it to change on the Friday, the Terrabot guy was there to exchange it for him.

Reason to select the model BL-11A over BL-21A is firstly the price, about RM588 different. Secondly, I have every intention do the mopping and thus I think it should cover the BL-11A lack of mop and UV light features.

There is another model Terrabot Neo BL-21C which is at RM1288 in Lazada but does not support virtual barrier; but it has mop & UV light features. No review found on that at all.


References :


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One of the countries that I really enjoyed visiting is Thailand, particularly Bangkok! It is a country that I would happily visit again and again. I always thought that I should visit different countries before I go back to the same country, so that I could see more culture and widen my experience.
However, it is so different with Bangkok! I’ve set my foot twice and I foresee myself visiting it every other year if possible.

For a start, the food was heavenly. Being a big fan of Thai food, I simply love the Tom Yam Kung, green curry, pad thai, mango and sticky rice and the list goes on. The foods are very affordable and the people are friendly.

I guess the greatest magnet was the heavenly shopping! The chatuchak market which opened on the weekend was massively huge and you can find almost anything you want; if you do not get lost! I think I still haven’t ventured to every part of it on my both visits! Did I not mention the wonderful and cheap traditional massage?

Even the hotels are very affordable and flights were plenty. I just wish I could squeeze in another Thailand holidays to my calendar next year. I could do with a little more shopping, massage and great food!


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I’ve always wanted to travel around the world, especially US and Europe. And Australia and Asia Pacific as well. My friend has done all that I want to do, travelling around US and Europe for the past few years! She would put up those travel pictures in her blog and makes me green with envy.

One of the cool events that she went lately is the rodeo sport in Spain! I can imagine the tension and exciting moment when the cowboy trying to escape from the beast, which would test his skill, movement and speed!


I’ve heard about the world’s largest rodeo which is Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It has more than a million spectators every single year! After the rodeo event, they will have concerts featured by the many famous singers; sometimes it is rock, country or even Latin. What a grand event!

But as the event always have overwhelming response, it is hard to get the tickets. I guess it’s too good to be missed! One of the easiest way is to get the RodeoHouston tickets from online, where you could be assured of the great prices and easy payment.

I sure would like to go if I am given a chance to do so! Somewhere in my near future?!

I booked the hotel after a comprehensive search on the internet for cheap and nice hotel in Pratunam area in Bangkok. After reading heaps of reviews and price comparisons, I finally used Agoda service to book White Palace Hotel. Online Booking! ^^

It is located within walking distance to the many famous hotel near that area; Baiyoke Suite Hotel, First House Bangkok Hotel, Indra Regent, MyHotel, Siam City Hotel, Amari Watergate, Great Diamond Suites, S 2 S Boutique Resort, Pratunam City Inn, Bangkok Palace and others!

The price is USD108.03 for 4 nights, which was about RM91 per night, breakfast inclusive. I think the price was rather reasonable for the large room and large bathroom (at least 6 times bigger than Genting First World bathroom!).   

The location was strategically located near the Pratunam wholesale market, which was cheaper than Chatuchak & Platinum but too bad I didn’t realise till the very last day, which was a little too late!!   But to get to the nearest train station, it could be quite a walk, about 20 to 30 minutes walk. =.=”
Walking to Platinum mall is about 10 to 15 minutes walk which wasn’t too bad.

Only a couple of minor unpleasant incidents with the service but apart from that, everything was good. Like when I called housekeeping for hairdryer, they just said wrong number and hanged up on me. Twice. And they wanted to charged me 18 baht for calling the housekeeping 3 times. But was clarified at the end. =.=”

Oh yeah, you can ‘borrowed’ the hair dryer on demand at the reception counter.   

Another minor complain was there wasn’t a proper half-body-length mirror in the whole room! Only a stretch of horizontal mirror which was good enough for make-up but not for previewing your new clothes when you put them on!

Breakfast was pretty good as they served bacon(!!!), ham, sausages, fried eggs, fried rice/noodles, fresh vegetables & fruits; of course with (lousy) coffee & tea as well as too-sweet-juices. I could never get the coffee right.  

To get the best coffee, get it from the morning Pratunam market (or Chatuchak or I believe any coffee hawker stall) for only 15 to 20 bath for delicious-iced-coffee! Simply irresistible   

The worst experience I had in this hotel was the hot shower in my bathroom (room 801 specifically, so next time if you get this room, asked for change immediately!!).  

You have to carefully ‘tuned’ the tap on for the warm shower. It is either too hot (to the point where you could slaughter a pig) or too freaking cold!

And the temperatures alternated so frequently as I was trying to ‘tune’ it for the right temperatures while showering. The main agenda when you were in the shower was more to tuning for the right temperatures rather than showering.

Sometimes I just gave up and settled for the cold water. It was a very unpleasant showering experience that I have to give up my routine-shower in the morning.

When I was back to my home, I felt so grateful for my hot shower that works perfectly to my desire!

Apart from that, I would probably stay at the same hotel again (for the location, large room & breakfast); but of course not on the same room!

I remembered reading it somewhere that Bangkok was ranked the best place to travel to in the whole wide world!

Geez, I would have thought it is either Europe or US or somewhere more fancy but then again, I wasn’t entirely sure of this fact and the reasons why it was chosen. Probably the food, the shopping, the ‘entertainment’, the fun, eh?

Whatever it is, it is reason enough for me to make my second trip here, very willingly! I mean I even hope to come here every 2 years, or 3 hopefully. But I know of someone who is not willing to go with me again! Crap..

It was a brilliantly great place, affordable and simply amazing for retail therapy!

Although, I hate to admit that my 2nd landing here was initially due to the combo package that I regrettably-bought and then there was the free ticket, thanks to AirAsia.

But nevertheless, it was a trip that I really sought after, especially after I’ve worked so hard like I never did before. A well-deserved-post-project-trip. There.   

5 days 4 nights, I insisted. My first trip was only 4D/3N and I had to go to all the temples, visiting the tiger farm, etc. There wasn’t much time for shopping.

This trip was entirely shopping (though I did not actually, entirely, achieve the satisfaction that I wished for) & of course visit the great Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which was situated an hour and half away from Bangkok city. Not to forget, the insanely-great-massage!

I always rated the trip ‘complete’ or not-much-of-a-regret if we have the last day or half of the last day, not knowing where else to go. It means we have visited all we have planned for and a little extra for unplanned-destination.In this trip, yes. The optional ChinaTown at night.

My itinerary for this trip :

Day 1 : Thursday : 
Pratunam WholeSale
Platinum Mall   

Day 2 : Friday :
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Central World
Suan Lum Night Bazaar

Day 3 : Saturday :
Siam Discovery (The Loft)
Siam Square, Sizzlers dinner

Day 4 : Friday :
Pratunam Morning Market
Platinum Mall
China Town

Day 5 : Monday :
Breakfast @ hotel
Good Bye, Bangkok!  

More pics to come.. I hope..

This is absurd.

Or when I first heard about it.

A Dell hard disk for a mere RM17?

God knows what is a Solid State Disk. Maybe He does knows. :P

Okay, maybe a lot of people do know but definitely not me. I am comfortable with the term external hard disk or thumb drive.

When a colleague of mine let me know of the news, just after I stepped out from the shower, I was a little doubtful. I think it was closed to 8pm.

Not even much interested in it. Even if it is a RM17 for a hard disk, a 64GB only. Mine is 160GB and I was planning to get one like 500 GB or 1 Terabyte if possible.

But when he said Dell made a mistake, my ears pricked it caught my attention!

I made a google for a quick and descriptive information about solid state disk but not to much avail. Particularly if I can use it as harddisk.

I made a google-image, but it wasn’t very helpful either. 

But when I heard his urgency in asking me to place orders and that other colleagues had ordered A LOT, I’ve made up my mind to buy a couple. Yeah, just I case if I cannot use them or not compatible with my system.

KW who was also online asked his programmer about it and confirmed that it is indeed a crazy bargain!

1000 duly came online when I was placing the order and I quickly seek his professional advice. He said that I’ll need a serial attached SCSI interface to use it and not sure if converter is available. But the price is definitely ‘cheap like shit’. His words, not mine. :P

Thus, the order was made.

More discussion and googling, I found out that Dell made that mistake in Taiwan by selling Dell 19inches monitor at USD15 instead of USD228 somewhere at the end of June 2009!

Taipei - Dell Inc is expected to compensate tens of thousands of Taiwan shoppers after its website misstated the price for its LCD monitors, triggering rush orders from Taiwanese buyers, according to local media reports Saturday.

According to cable TV channel TVBS, Dell (Taiwan) has apologized for the error and will discuss a solution with the buyers.

“It was a mistake in our labels. If we have caused inconvenience to any clients, we are deeply sorry,” TVBS quoted Wang Chen, sales manger for Dell (Taiwan), as saying,

“We will contact these clients and properly settle the issue,” she added.

Reading this, I have doubts that I will actually receive the goods. Or not. Maybe a couple of coupon codes?

I am not sure. Anyone knows what happened to the issue in Taiwan?

I’ve checked that the  Dell - Red - 64GB Mobility Solid State Hard Drive - Kit (400-15600) on Dell website costs about € 496.94. Not sure if it is an equivalent product anyway.

This RM17 Kit - 64GB Mobility Solid State Disk SATA Hard Drive product was taken down shortly (around 8.30pm), before I decided if it is worth to invest more on it!

Anyway, it has been an thrilling experience; however bad it is to take advantage of the situation. A little mistake.

Wondered how much it would cost Dell. Money mouth

Whatever the outcome might be now. :D

Will I get it, or not? :D   

Saturday again?

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It is Saturday morning *yay* and I wanted to blog. It’s been a long time, yeah.. no doubt by looking at the last post.

While mopping the floor, putting in the laundry in the washing machine, put them under the sun, another round of laundry, showering, etc; I kept thinking of something to write.

But each inspiration idea that I had was attacked by this thought; that’s so boring. Or that is so personal. Or what’s the point! Or even, hey, if you really say/write it out, it might not come true!

And I realised that I’ve become more alienated to my own blog! It is no longer my space to write like I used to. And I am judging myself now before the rest of the world do!

Or so I thought they would. Have I become so paranoid?! =.="

What leads to it? No doubt, some of you would know. Yeah, you! The one sniggering behind the monitor. Or again, my paranoid-mind working extra time? =.=”

Or maybe I just haven’t decided how much of myself that I am comfortable to reveal. It's not like I have a lot of secrets, you know..except for the time that I.. ok, let's forget about that.. It is easier behind a mask. Growing up, or growing old, it is more comfortable for me to lay low and blend with the wall crowd.

At times, I felt intimidated by life, by the stuffs that I couldn’t grasp, by the unknown future that I fear and by knowing that at times I couldn’t cope with it alone.

Ok crap, the point is, it is Saturday morning again and I do love it but just couldn't comprehend why it comes so quickly nowadays, but yeah, I still do like it a lot; maybe more than Sunday coz Sunday is sooo near to Monday and nobody likes Monday, right? and I’ve been having this thought to blog for the longest time. Work has been the perfect excuse for everything recently.

And Facebook (one of the thing that crossed my mind to blog about earlier today) has been replacing blog? Or would it? and I considered the pro & cons. About the ease of updating, sharing stuff with friends and people feedback to it. …. And I was thinking that I should log in more often and reply to those personal messages from long lost friends rather that procrastinating or else I am going to grow old without much friends. And why people don't just email?? At least I checked my email everyday. Or almost..

Well, didn’t I warn that what I thought of blogging nowaday is so boring?

Geezz .. I’m losing it..

Maybe this place is up for sale. If I can get some good price.  ^.^

Happy Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Or Thursday. Whatever day it is today. (& someone said not to use the word ‘whatever’, it sounds so rude & like you don’t care but I do!!!)

And yeah, I have a new end of the year resolution! To read 24 books for 2009! Exclusive of magazines and newspaper! Time is drawing sooo near!!!


The Wedding

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I am home early today! It’s been quite a while since I have the pleasure of cooking curry instant noodle for dinner, with the stolen egg from my houssy.

Well, not that early actually or else I would probably meet up some friend for dinner or take away food from the shop.

Yes, I’ve been busy and lazy to update. And well, nothing to update.

Nothing much I did. Life is boring. Work, work, work. Till 10 or 11pm half the times; which is a really big deal for me coz I am not the type that work late.

But I almost got used to it now! Geeez… >_<

So, yeah, no life for the past month, hopefully not till end of the year though. I even missed the important dinner for my houssy farewell & birthday. Nothing exciting ever happened.

Except for.. oh yes, I actually wrote an entry for my best friend wedding at the end of Aug! But I was waiting for the pics then and then I lazy forgot to post it up. 

Here goes!

When we were young, we always teased each other on who would be the first one that gets hitched. But with passing time, nobody seems to make the first move; even when we are reaching the prime age! Gosh!

I guess we are just happy with current situation or we just don’t feel that we are there yet, even with the many naggings voices and society pressure?

But hey, thanks to P, someone from our group finally makes the very first step to the world for two!

The busiest girl among us, the one who always seems to be in focus and know what she wants in life and goes for it!

She’s the same girl who told my father not to worry and she’ll take care of me when my father is late to fetch me from school. I spent a lot of time in her house which is near to the school, waiting for the extra curricular or for my father.

I remembered picking a fragrant jasmine flower from my house & gently put into my pinafore pocket and leave it on her school desk during primary school as she loved it!

At Standard 2, she taught me the word ‘surat’ as I wrongly used the word ‘hadiah’. And I taught her a lot of Mandarin words that she could understand simple conversation in mandarin! But I seem to fail in mastering the Tamil!

In Form 3, we were in different class and again I would wait for her arrival in the morning. We spent many evenings going to tuition together and study for the SPM examination at my home.

And till today we just can’t stop teasing her on how much her curly fringe irks her!  

But I guess, I felt sort of losing her when she went to uni, far away to the east coast & later on to pursue her dreams of being a doctor in another country. And when she’s back a year or two ago, she’s even busier than ever! 

It is good to see her settling down with a respectable man and I wish her happiness and joy! And yes, kids. You might as well as kick off another project soon! ;)

And please, do find a little time in your life for us in the future. =)

The 2 doctors; whom I hope would give me fake MC when I need it in the future!


 My favourite Chin-dian girl, sweet little thing who never fail to post naturally when a camera is facing her! P's niece..
The girl's handsome bro!

All of us were there at the wedding ceremony! =)

 So, who's next!?!

I am getting some wedding invitations in these recent years. Seems like more and more of my friends are getting hitched!
 It surely is a thing to do at this age but I am not sure when it is my turn, if I am up to those many details of wedding preparation. Thinking about it makes me tired!

But of course, a lovely wedding dress is always a girl’s dream.  
The other day when my girlfriend and I was checking out the wedding dress online at Justina McCaffrey
, we were fascinated with the designs! It is really incredible and I am sure every brides-to-be would fall in love with the collection. Simple, elegant, amazing!

 Now I have begun with the book by Naomi Moriyama; Japanese Women Don’t Get Old Or Fat. Much as I love Japanese food, I think this book is too obsessed about statistic as well too much empahsize on their healthy lifestyle. Well, it is good nonetheless, but I am only at the first 30% of the book, too early to judge; or not.

Anyway, it is a book packed with recipes for Japanese home cooked meals. Perhaps someday like 5 years down the road, when I have my very own perfect little kitchen, I would give them a try. Certainly not with the current kitchen condition with too little supplies and germs. Meanwhile, let's continue visiting those Ichiban & Sushi King and …. what's the name again?

And yeah, a little slow progress in this book as it is not as interesting as the French’s book with different subject on different chapters. Not to mention that I am incorporating the Cleo magazine in my daily reading budget as well! 

Oh, it’s another gloomy Saturday.. ^.^

Let there be rain.. and naps.. and more books.. ^.^


Oh, glorious Saturday.. and Sunday too, I hope..



Yeah, it’s a book review site now.. For now.. Not too long.. I hope (again). :P

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