I thought I would never visit the small town of Sungai Lembing again in my lifetime after my first trip in July 08. But I did it again in early March 09 (apparently this post is two months late :p)  

Sungai Lembing is a very hot town with small group of population, mainly the elderly and children. It is located about half an hour drive from Kuantan.

There is nothing much there in the town except for the main attraction, the Rainbow Waterfall (if you manage to survive an hour of jungle trekking with leeches and 2 hours of damn-bumpy-lorry ride under the scorching sun.) Which I gladly passed this time round. =) 

There is also a small hill where you can see beautiful sunrise after trekking for about 30 to 45 min (depending on your stamina and speed). I suppose during this 2nd trip, I saw the first sunrise for the first time (with my failing memory, this feels like the first time though) after waking up at 4.30am in the morning! =.=” (so much for a relaxing trip).  

And also the Crystal house, with all the marvellous collection of crystal by an old man when he was mining during his younger years. Not to mentioned the Gua Charas, with many stairs and a big cave which is quite windy.

For food, you can get quite nice kolo-mee (dry noodles) with their famous cham-peng (iced coffee + tea) in the morning market foodcourt and economy tomato meehoon for lunch at their coffee shop. Everything is cheap. Not to forget the famous juicy siu yuk (roasted pork) that is suppose to be the best (in the country?)

You can find cheap accommodation in the area as more and more guest house sprouting due to the increasing number of tourist to the small town.

I think I’ll restraint myself from saying that I would never be there for the third time! :P

It is a weekend where I spent the whole day by myself at home on Saturday, which I rather enjoyed. =)

On Sunday, it was even better. Even though we were “flown aeroplane” by DT, we still had a great day. (
This post is dedicated to u, D.)
My friends of 16 years were there, LY , all the way from M’cca. And of course, Lina, the one with excellent sense of direction!

Anyway, as planned we had breakfast at Paramount before hitting the road to to Bukit Cahaya for a cycling session to start off the day. It was first for both of them and I met Ms Wong and the outing-gang there! What a nice coincidence~

There were running out of normal bikes and thus we took the bikes with baby seats, which is RM5 instead of normal RM3. Anyway, I got discount, free for the 2nd hour which is suppose to be RM1 (after asking for it when we returned! Sometimes all we need to do is ask, nicely.) =)

It was fun cycling around for 2 hours (10.30am - 12.30pm), seeing the animals, burning the calories when cycling uphill, enjoying the breeze down the slope, admiring the tulips in the freezing-spring-season in the 4-seasons house and taking pictures! (and them getting burnt from the sun while I was partially protected by cap and arm-clothes?) 

After that we went back to my place for showers while they viewed some pics of Parames’ engagement, choose some dramas series and movies and burning some photos for Lina.

At 2.22pm, we went to view the condo which I know the way to go but not the way back! Oooppss.. But luck has it, or maybe it’s because of Lina, we managed to find a quick way to The Curve and avoid the bad jam! 

Around 3.30pm or so we were in The Curve, starving! We randomly picked Lam Kwai Fong for lunch as Thai Express was ridiculously packed even at 4.30pm! Is it really that good? I only had once in Singapore and it was okay.

It was sort of confession and stories time where we updated each other about our lives, past and current. And even some juicy stories in the past! And of course the current age pressure, responsibilities as well as the future. And we talked about the things that we need and want. (She has no more need, that is why she is thinking of the things she wants!)

The things I like about old friends are you are able to pick up from wherever you left off. =) 

Next we spent the next 3 hours or so hunting for a porcelain book for LY, GPS-understanding-session, shoes-hunting-and-acquiring (
2 pairs for me! *grin*), Daiso, beauty shops for nail polish, buying Mills & Boons boooks and ends the evening with delicious guilt-free, fat-free, cholesterol free (at least 99% of each of them) New Zealand Natural ice cream! Yum~

I was safely sent home by 8pm but poor LY had to drive all the way back to M'cca with her grandma and cousins.

It was certainly a happi day for us, except the tiring legs. =) 

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Yes, we got up at 5am to go to the Rainbow Waterfall, a much harder attempt since we were already deprived of sleep. But thank God, we were brought to the ‘pasar’ for a quick breakfast first. 2 half boiled eggs, toasted bread and teh-si-peng~ (^.^) My ideal breakfast~

Next we climbed on a lorry and sat there for one and half hour of trip on the ‘jungle’! It was a very bumpy ride as there wasn’t any paved path but only a track full of stones. The lorry even waded small streams and the uneven journey was really a horrible one!

We have to grip tightly or else we might slipped off our seat, which was just bench on the lorry, with no cover on top of the lorry. We were just exposed to the rain or the sun (or those tree branches during the journey). (=.=)”

I was glad when we arrived and I thought that’s it, where was my rainbow??? To my dismay, we have to hike for an hour through the jungle. It was not an easy one since we have to go through some rivers with the slippery rocks and stuffs.

I wasn’t mentally prepared for it and thus find it even tougher. But finally, after being bitten by 3 leeches I finally reached the waterfall!

And… it wasn’t a huge one as expected too. But boy, wasn’t I glad to be seated down and enjoy the scenery and gobbled down the ‘chee cheung fun’ that we we brought along.

And not long after that, many tourists arrived and the place turned into a market with all the noise, people cheering and shouting, smoking, cooking instant noodles and stuffs. (=.=)"

And yeah, I saw the rainbow around 10am when the sun shines and it was quite constant. Anyway, we were told that we are lucky as it doesn’t appear everyday. (^.^)

And I braved myself back to the hiking which took 45 minutes and 2 hours of bumpy lorry ride under the mercy of hot scorching sun!!! T.T

That’s it. I shall never be back Sg Lembing. Those who have never go before can go at least once for experience. But twice is a little too much for trip like this. =P

This picture is taken while roaming the small town of Sg Lembing. Colorful houses of the small town. ^.^

I have bitten by the virus of I-m-so-lazy-to-update-my-blog. And I must admit the virus attack has getting more serious by the rate I am blogging; from every single day to twice a week and I fear the rate going to drop even further and I am forced to close down the blog. /_\

There are things I can write about which is the Sungai Lembing trip which I bet everyone else would have already written about it. I am 9 days late..  

It was a trip of 12 people, not everyone know everyone else but at least each know at least other 3 and at least one person knows everyone, yeah being the co-organizers.

It is a place known for the famous rainbow waterfall and probably nothing else as it is a super-hot small little town which is almost dead. The small town is so peaceful that the villager could just leave their keys on the motorbike! And during the afternoon it is hard to find a place for lunch as most of the shops are not opened, not that there are many to begin with.

We left KL around 9pm after work and reached there after midnight and ‘checked-in’ to a hostel; exceptionally clean wooden house with 4 rooms and mattress that you can choose from.

On Saturday morning, hardly having a wink of sleep, we have to wake up at 4.15am to climb the small hill to watch sunrise! With almost empty stomach, unless you are willing to eat junk food in the morning; which all that we have.

It was a 45 minutes climb which isn’t too difficult if you have some stamina. It was a starry night and the weather was cooling and very fresh! But we reached the peak quite early, around 5am-ish and the sun didn’t rise till around 7am!    Plenty of time for those professional photographer to set up their SLR on tripod and the rest chatted and complaining how hungry are we. It was quite a pretty view when the sun finally rose!

After that, we hiked down, had delicious breakfast, and roamed about the small town on foot (which took less than an hour) and back to nap.

Lunch at Kuantan since we couldn’t find a shop that opened for meal! Actually we were glad to escape Sg Lembing as it was unbelievable hot, hot, hot weather!

At night, we had BBQ dinner which we bbq on our own. It was rather fun although a lot of food was wasted. And my insomnia seemed to perish with the lack of sleep the day before. The next morning we have to get up at 5am! Hey, I thought it was a holiday?

<to be cont..>

Over the weekend, thanks to GSC-Fun-Break-Buy1-Free-1-voucher, I went for two movies; a comedy and a horror.

Ah Long Ptd Ltd is a hilarious Singapore + Malaysia movie which was about the reformation of “Ah Long” (loan shark). It is about a young lady taking over the Ah-long leadership and how she was trying to restructure the violent triad to a gentle-loving-money-lender triad.  

She also married a very
soft-feminine man (ah kua) who is a very funny but loving guy. I totally enjoyed the movie, the sarcasms, hilarity and the creativity of the story. A great comedy for those who can use some laugh and need some humour~ 

Rating : 4 stars!!!


Rule Number 1 : I couldn’t believe that I am watching 2 Chinese movies within 2 days in cinema! I always think that it is sufficient to watch Chinese movie in DVD (but now is half-priced-ticket, so rule changed :P ). It is a rather slow-paced-movie (read : a little boring) with some scary-eerie-effect-scenes.  Starred : Ekin Cheng (he is getting older, man!)

The story is about police inspector Lee was transferred to Miscellaneous Affair Department (MAD) which investigate on supernatural cases. When a ghost possessed a body, it could switch to another human by a single touch. The ghost could only be ‘terminated’ (killed) by shooting on the possessed person before it touch another human. 

I don’t really like the ending of the story which was a little sad. But there was a twist in the movie which I decided to declare that it is worth-watching (on DVD or half-priced-ticket ONLY).

Rating : 3 stars. 

  (even difficult to find it's poster! this is the best I can find)

The health consultant pleaded me to lead a healthier lifestyle; more fruits and vege, include oats in my daily food intake and exercise regularly about 3 times a week. And I vowed to do all that but it just never happened, especially the oat and exercising. :P

And so, feeling guilty, I joined some friends who were on the expedition to climb Mount Kinabalu weekly training! Nah, I am NOT to climb it! :P But since they have ‘training’ to build their stamina weekly, I try to join it as a form of exercising for me.

Last Sunday, we went to Batu Caves early morning by 8am, to climb 272 steps. I only managed to do it 1 round. Reason? Nah, I am NOT tired!!! I just felt a little scared climbing the narrow steps, and I never have phobia in height! The thought of tumbling over the steps and break some bones, keep hovering in my head and I couldn’t make myself to climb for the second round! >_<


This weekend, on the Saturday, we went to Bukit Gasing hiking at 7.30am! I woke up even earlier than my normal working day which was so rare! Anyway, it was my first time to Bukit Gasing and I quite like the area!  Peaceful little jungle hiking place which was quite steep at some places and you have to be careful with your steps. But I saw many old people climbing it, so it shouldn’t be a problem for all.

It was all
greenery and I simply love it! But the thing was I spent too much time watching my steps than to enjoying the lush surrounding. It took us exactly 90 minutes for the whole hiking trip with a little rest in between. I would definitely go there again!
And yeah, I felt good after that, no muscle pain whatsoever and I could keep up which the other which proves that my stamina is still good although I don’t exercise regularly. :P

Maybe regular shopping and walking to LRT station daily is good enough as an exercise to me? :P    

There is a Suspension Bridge (Jambatan Gantung) there too~

Find a lot of plants and supposingly-animals as well at that little jungle!


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I am back to my hometown!!! Haven't been back since CNY, the only time that I went back this year. Ah, disgraceful child! :P

I am missing my monthly sleep-fix as I normally sleep through the day when I am in my hometown. I'll be meeting up with my old buddies from childhood! Look forward to see them! :D

Happy weekend everyone! ^.^

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On second day, my roommate and I woke up at around 6.45am and showered! After a nice breakfast, we started to head to the field around 8.15am for another day full of activities   

On the very first day, each of us was given a balloon with water and we have to bring it everywhere we go and must take care of it. If we lost it, marks would be deducted from our team.

The first game was Flying Fox which required us to climb up this vertical stairs for 4 storeys! It was very tiring for some. For me it was rather okay, perhaps my body is light. Of course they have a safety rope as to ensure your safety (just in case you are too tired and let go of your grip!)

After that you have to sit on the edge with the safety rope tight safely. After you are ready, with full courage, you need to push yourself to slide down the rope. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I asked the instructor to push me but he refused! So I pushed myself down which was really terrifying!!! I wanted to scream but my voice stuck in my throat.. It was really the most terrifying activity for me though I thought I could do it well. >_<

To some, it is even worse! Take this colleague of mine for example. He was sitting there at the edge for a long time as he didnt dare to push himself down! We kept encouraged him from the fields but he just wouldn't come down. A teammate went up and tried to talk to him, even ungripping his fingers from the sidebar but to no avail. Finally after what seems like forever, he finally climbed and hanged himself as in the picture and slowly let himself down.

In every game, we have a buddy to help, guide and encourage us through the activities. This was my buddy and me, running back after she finished her flying fox!

The second game of the day was High Ropes, the most challenging game of all! You have to walk through the ropes, high above the ground in 5 stages. Man, it really takes a lot of courage to do this! To make things worst, it started to rain when I was halfway through the game, when I was stucked high above the ground!

This needs a lot of effort, especially if you are not that tall..

The second stage of the high ropes, walking on a rope and holding on another horizontal rope above you. This was rather okay compare to the next one!!!

This is the toughest stage of all, walking through the rope, holding vertical ropes (with a tyre tied down at the bottom)! You have to hold the top part of the rope with your right hand and bottom part of the rope with left hand (which you will definitely forgot when you are up there. So, that is why your buddy needs to guide and help you from the ground)!

You have to move from one end to another end by holding to the vertical rope tied to a tyre. When it was my turn, it started to rain!!! I nearly felt down when I was grabbing for the third rope which was a little far! But I hanged on tightly to the second vertical rope, closing my eyes and stood firmly on the rope. They shouted for me to calm down and be stable before I moved on. I tried to do just that and then I realised that both my legs are shaking!!! Arrghh.. I learnt that it was best to make small movement as you walk so that it would be more stable!
But hey, I made it after that and instantly felt so happy!!! :D

But the very same colleague who were dramatic at the Flying Fox got some attention from all of us again. He refused to hold on to the vertical rope and insisted of grabbing the horizontal rope above instead. After much encouragements and promises to him, he still refused to do it properly. The instructor gave up and asked him to hold it as he wished! (as in the picture)

This was the last stage of the high ropes! Yeay!!! I did it!!! So happy :D

The top pictures were my breakfast, with coffee too. The rest are our delicious Dim Sum lunch, halal food though. I love the baby octopus, scallops and the shark fin soup.

My favourite Chee Cheung Fan (made of rice noodles with prawn n bbq chicken inside), prawns, fish balls and fish balls with tofu.

Fu zhuk with filling, small pau, siew mai and very nice Gui Ling Gou (herbal jelly)~

My buddy, team leader, team mates and I after the lunch~

After lunch, each team had to draw a game that we played and the 10 values that we learnt from it. Here was ours! :)

After that all of us need to present it. We have other indoor activities too before we have tea break and leave for home! It was a good team building after all. :)

A very good experience.

Good bye, Allson Klana Resort!!!

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